AMERICA AT HOME and UK AT HOME were both published in April 2008. For these books, 150 of the world's top photojournalists—and tens of thousands of amateur shutterbugs—fanned out around the United States and the United Kingdom to shoot digital photos of the most important place in their lives: home. These two projects captured the emotions of home: the distinctive rituals, the intimate moments, and all the myriad ways in which we work, play, learn, conduct our lives, and interact with friends, family members (and pets!) as we transform our dwellings into our homes. Detailed captions and statistics place each of the photos in context, resulting in a visual time capsule of home life that will fascinate our grandchildren.

AMERICA AT HOME's introduction essay is written by Simpsons' creator Matt Groening, it also includes a series of thought-provoking essays by noted writers, Amy TanDominique BrowningTerry TeachoutRichard Rodriguez, and David Pogue.

UK AT HOME contains essays from literary heavyweights including Will Self, Blake Morrison and Alain de Botton and a stirring introduction from Sir Paul McCartney. 

America At Home Features a Tiny House


Grassroots Online Outreach: Americans were invited to simultaneously contribute their own images via a series of daily snapshots each day throughout the week. These shots covered topics such as: morning rush, what’s for dinner, and evening family rituals. Participants received daily emails with assignment instructions and also took general photos of what makes their home special. The public was able to sign in and upload them at

Custom Covers: In 2008 AMERICA AT HOME and UK AT HOME invited people to design their own cover. In three simple steps alone could have a loved one or fond memory on the cover!

Exhibition Highlights:

                       America at Home Ikea Edition

                       America at Home Ikea Edition

Partner: Ikea

AMERICA AT HOME was produced with IKEA, in conjunction with its "HOME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE IN THE WORLD" brand strategy, and reflects IKEA's ongoing focus on how people live and build relationships at home. As Pernille Lopez, president of IKEA North America, explains, "IKEA is devoted to studying how people live at home; that's why we supported this project so passionately. We believe the essence of home goes beyond tables and chairs; it's the family interactions, the diversity in lifestyles, the joy and celebration that inspire us to dedicate ourselves to life at home.

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