Martha Stewart recommends America at Home and interviews Rick Smolan.

Oprah made her own America 24/7 Custom Covers to show on her annual Favorite Things program.

The Today Show's Ann Curry focuses on America at Home.

BBC Breakfast during the launch of UK at Home with one of the subjects photographed for the project by Paul McCartney's daughter Mary.

CNN's "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" featured America at Home

Channel 10 in Australia with Rick Smolan and Robyn Davidson cover the feature film TRACKS

Ted Koppel's ABC News Nightline, hosted by Forrest Sawyer, sent dozens of film crews around the world and devoted an entire evening to 24 Hours in Cyberspace.

Barbara Walters and John Stossel on ABC's 2020, Charles Kuralt on CBS, Jane Pauley on NBC's Today Show, Tom Brokaw on the NBC evening news, and Dan Rather on the CBS all feature Day in the Life Projects.

The NBC Today Show's Al Roker focuses on America 24/7